Monday, March 11, 2019

We will be having our first Parents/Team meeting on Tuesday, March 19 at 7pm 2019 in the soccer portable # 5 by the soccer field.

Coach Ryan has updates for the new region, along with getting all information together for the coming season.

If you know of any players that will be trying out for the team this fall could you please pass along this information.  Thank You!

Monday, July 30, 2018

Thank you to everyone who came out today, if your name IS on this list we will see you tomorrow at 2:30 not 3:30. If your name is NOT on this list remember to contact Coach Rumfallo via text or email if you have any interest in being a team manager.
Amoah, Beverly
Anderson, Emily
Baca, Emmah
Barnes, Megan
Bodily, Emma
Cole, Abbie
Davis, McCaslin
Davis, Nikki
De La Cruz, Jasmine
Douglas, Emily
Douglas, Natalie
Duncan, Makaylee
Estrada, Katrina
Garcia, Natalia
Jimenez, Sonia
Kearl, Brittin
Mackay, Brinlee
Mackay, Hannah
Mayhew, Kiyah
McDougal, Abbie
Palomino, Kelsy
Quarnberg, Haylie
Ray, Abbigale
Rivera, Joselyne
Rollins, Sam
Sanchez, Lucero
Sanchez, Sydney
Schmidt, Sydney
Smith, Miah
Stock, Sadie
Videtich, Emilia
Webb, Katie
Wilcox, Alisha
Wilkey, Haylee

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The calendar for summer of 2018 has been updated with fundraiser, summer conditioning, preseason, and tryout dates/times.  Click on the calendar link on the right side of the page to view.  If you are viewing from a cell phone you will need to view the non-cell phone version to see the link.  Please bring water bottles, indoor, and outdoor shoes when attending conditioning.  It is scheduled to start and 3:30 and will end most days at 5:00 but may run to 5:30 depending on that specific days schedule.  Please contact Coach Rumfallo with any further questions.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Congratulations to the Copper Hills 2017 Women's Soccer team!

Amoah, Beverly            Murch, Caleigh
Anderson, Emily           Oliver, Nikki
Baca, Emma                  Palmer, Savannah
Barnes, Megan              Palomino, Kelsy
Bills, Brittany                Perry, Autumn
Bodily, Emma               Rollins, Samantha
Bray, Ciarra                   Sierra, Michelle
Carmona, Marisa           Slick, Mariah
Cole, Abigal                  Smith, Miah
Davis, McCaslin            Stock, Sadie
Davis, Nikki                  Valderrama, Veronica
Davis, Tori                     Van Orden, A'deena
Dority, Laura                 Wilkey, Haylee
Douglas, Emily              Zamudio, Diana
Douglas, Natalie
Estrada, Dominique       Joselyn Rivera
Estrada, Katrina             Aleena Kohli
Kearl, Brittin                  Holli Cochran
Loosle, Allison
Lucas, Autumn
Mackay, Hannah
McDougal, Abbie

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Register My Athlete is now OPEN for all Fall Sports. Please log in to your account and register for your sport and upload the necessary requirements. Please remember that anyone who wishes to tryout for a team must register and upload their 4th Quarter Report Card before tryouts begin. If you make the team, your physical (all three pages) and participation fee receipt must be uploaded before the first game.